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I haven't composed anything for a long while after the song Disciples of War which for me wasn't good enough in comparison to my previous works.
Anyway, this is the continuation of Black Light Whispers entitled Circle of Reason which continues the concept of the human heart and soul by focusing on concepts of religion. It's inspired by progressive rock/metal (Dream Theater, Symphony X)and a little mix of technical metal/jazz fusion (Gordian Knot, Cynic).

While there are a few musical motifs from the previous chapter, the concept is still related to the first chapter. The first chapter deals with the Problem of Evil and Morality while the second chapter deals with Transcendentalism and Faith which are all concepts of religion.

If you play the songs continuously it segues perfectly. That's because I plan these songs to be part of a song cycle with 3 parts. The 3rd chapter is currently in the works and will be less heavier than the rest of the song since I've been listening lately to psychedelic rock (Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree) and sludge metal (Mastodon). The suite currently clocks at 28:04

Well, I hope you enjoy my latest song off the Black Light Whispers Suite!
Thank You And Good Day
Circle of Reason (GP5, GP4, MIDI).zip
I'm typing as I'm listening so i might jump a bit from idea to idea and some sentences might come out of nowhere :P

The keyboards was a bit overpowering. I could barely hear the guitars in some parts.

The clean intro going into the metal riff sounded a bit sudden and didn't flow too well for me, the clean bit didn't have finality for me.

The keyboard (sawtooth) in the pre-chorus didn't sound good to me, the chords just sounded off.

The pre-verse and all the riffs after until the chorus are toooo much like Dream Theater, the construction, picking rhythms etc. Check out In The Name of God from +-3 mins onwards and you'll see what i mean.

I find the transition from Verse 4 to chorus very sudden as well, the parts don't fit to well.

I really enjoyed the solo. I like how you went into it. I thought you may have started a bit early and was thinking, "what you going to do now" but you played it perfectly :P

The dive at the end of the bridge needs to be a bit longer imo maybe just over two bars. It went from playing to not playing for me.

The final instrumental overall was very good and i liked how you went into the final chorus, now that flowed nicely :P Gave the nice epic ending feel to it.

Otherwise, I applaud anyone who is able to write these long epic pieces and the piece has enough variation to keep it interesting. Wouldn't mind hearing this recorded with lyrics, not that you would even really need to lyrics for this work :P
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No words, man!

I jump with joy every time I see a new nbgreat-post, like christmas came early and delivered prog-metal goodness. Don't know what kind of voodoo sacrifice you must've made to get into the Dream Theater style down to the proverbial 't', but I know I can click on it blindly and without fail expect creative, challenging and engaging music. Again, no criticisms necessary, you obviously know what you're doing more than enough; so I'd just be left to talk about if I liked the song or not (if you haven't figured that out yet yourself, by all the knob-slobbering I'm giving out here).

I'm especially fond of your drumming, as it's rare to see someone write good drums in GP; and to see someone write -superb- drums is pure bliss. The whole "Faith"-section, for example, progged onwards heavenly.

The only thing left to say - and I'm saying this for quite some time now, I think - is that you should really start to RECORD. I don't even care if it's a quick and dirty homerecording, lord knows I've done my fair share of those, and I wouldn't mind doing the favor again; unfortunately I don't have a sevenstring guitar (which seems to be the rule in your material).

Thank you all for the comments!

I'll be answering some of your questions:

21Fretter: Even though your comment was jumping from one part to another like what you said was, It's still find it very helpful. The intro to the metal intro was supposed to be like the one on Change of Seasons (the acoustic intro to the part when the band enters in Crimson Sunrise) I listened to In the Name of God and I just realized the riffs after the first chorus are really identical! I guess had to much Dream Theater (they're music is like drugs). Also, I will still put up the vocal track and lyrics after I finish the whole suite.

Ailes: I'm pleased that I delighted you again with my work. I was recording The Awakening and The Glass and The Mirror but my equipment and cables got broken so it's paused for a moment. Anyway, it's such a shame that you can't record this one. I was hoping for you to play this since your recordings are so good. Thanks anyway for the comment.

Thank you and Good Day
The intro works really well with the song and the piano/synth stuff is good.

The metal riff is powerful and it works great, but the synths are too loud.

And what for the rest of the song, everything flows smoothly and well but the synths still are too loud. But the transitions from riff to riff are easy and barely audible. Sounds very Dream Theater'esque for some parts. As much as I do hate to say this there is nothing to whine about. The chorus is great.

About faith... I panorized the two guitars other to left and other to right channel and it sounds cooler that way. Can't say I like the synth part after that but the jazz'esque part is great. The keyboard solo is good but I don't know much about keyboard so I'll leave that in peace... the guitar solo is upbeat and fun to listen to, and the transition to the next riff is really smooth. The bridge sounds like it's stolen from a between the buried and me song

Some great riffing there and the parts flow very well together. I would give it a 9-/10.

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