Hello @ll,

Sorry for my bad English but I'm a Frenchy :boink:
I post my Youtube channel recordings on guitar.

For now I attack Amon Amarth, very good band
Many covers will follow !

The Channel -> My Youtube Channel
Amon Amarth - The beheading of a King -> My first Video


PS : thank you to "Ultimate Guitar" for the tabs
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Quote by mmkat
although im not a fan of amon amarth, i really like your tone. is it an epiphone explorer or a gibson?

Gibson explorer ebony 2008, the same guitar as the 2 guitarists of Amon Amarth
Who said I was a fan

I have make some minor change in my sound since this video (less of bass for mute and a little more medium for solo sound), the sound must look a little better in the next one (perhaps this week)