I am leading the highschool band at my church and every once in a while, we do a cover song.
I need contemporary cover song ideas, preferably from a mainstream Christian band (i.e. Jars of Clay, Switchfoot, etc...).
I do lead vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm electric, and keys. We have a very good drummer, an aboulutly SICK lead electric guitar player (played for 11 years, now a sophmore), a bass player, and an acoustic guitar/backup vocals, maybe keys guy...

Ideas please?
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I believe that Mae is an indie christian band, or are you looking for more of metal? Do a song by them.
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In The Presence Of The Lord - Blind Faith

If that counts.
Bands I've Seen

Robert Randolph and The Family Band
Eric Clapton
Letz Zep
Arc Angels
Eric Clapton (At the Royal Albert Hall ;D)
Joe Bonamassa
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck (at the O2 arena ;D)
The Bootleg Beatles
Playing in church means not playing anything hard.I would recommend you Demon Hunter but songs like "The Gauntlet"(has a nice ending with Drums),"My Throat is an Open Grave"(there is also an acoustic version on youtube),"Carry me Down" which are some of the softer songs comparing to the rest.i know the songs are a bit easy for your aboulutly SICK lead guitarist but they are fun.