I've just had a crazy idea!

Ok, so the eagle - eared amongst you (That is definitely not the correct use of the thing about eagles, I don't even know if eagles have ears) might have heard the story about a man had a red paperclip...(Please stay tuned, this is all going to relate to guitars in the end)

For those of you who don't know, he traded the tiny paperclip for a doorknob or something, and then traded the doorknob for something else, like a tennis racket, and eventually, he traded up for a house, and he lives in it.

So, I was thinking - Imagine if you had a cheap £50 Encore guitar, and you trade that for a Squier, and that for a Fender Mexican - then a Fender American, then a Gibson Les Paul...You get the idea.

Just a crazy idea - is it possible? And more importantly, is there anyone who wants to trade me something for my Encore strat copy?
the thing about that is u have to actually trade it to some1 who wants it like a pen for a notepad however u will have to trade with a guitar of higher value but very different sound, then u might get stuck with that
It's a bit different in the guitar world.

You may be able to trade your Encore for a Squier, if the person is stupid, though, if the person is stupid, they're likely to think "Squier as Fender written on it, therefore it's fender", so you'll have a hard task ahead.

If you start with a Squier, you could probably trade for something like a Vintage V100 (lespaul) which is trading up, then trade that for maybe an epiphone (not trading up, but the name carries a lot of weight) then that for a Fender Mexican, so on and so on.
i think its possible, but only if someone offers you it. plus, i hope you're not implying that gibson are better than fender
jokes man...
but mm, i think you could work your way up to that sort of price range. i doubt it would work just with guitars.
I'm not completely serious about this (But if anyone wants to trade their £4,000 Les Paul for my Encore, I might consider it But I hope I managed to liven up your day a bit!
Quote by Stud_Muffin
plus, i hope you're not implying that gibson are better than fender

I think his main basis is on the cost of these guitars, and noone can deny, Gibson cost a LOT more than trusty ol' Fender
I've definitely traded up in value before, thing is don't expect the path to be so linear. You might end up getting involved in basses and amps and sometimes just selling items straight up for cash before you get up to a gibson guitar.

also, the more money you put in to your initial stock the easier it will be (its going to be hard to work with a bull**** guitar in the beginning). I think id try and start off by waiting until you find a really good deal on a mexican fender guitar or maybe a good acoustic
I started with an Epi Les Paul 100, and ended with an Ibanez RG550XX, so I guess it'll somewhat work. You won't get high end unless you're really lucky.

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LOL T.S you are very clever lol.

Good luck for finding someone who'd trade a Squier for a Fender MIM.
I love my MIM strat. Its had alot of work and upgrades done to it, but it was a nice solid guitar from the start, thats why it got the upgrades. I would never look to trade or sell it. Im really not to worried about what other people think of my gear. My main thing is sound and feel. And gibsons dont feel right to me in general. So even though a gibson is worth more than my strat, i guess i just prefer my strat. What im saying is my strat is worth more to me than a gibson les paul as far as playing goes.
I have long maintained that I wouldn't trade my Gibson CS '59 LP for anything... except a couple of good condition Epi Elitist LPs and a Fender '95 Richie Sambora signature Strat v3 or Kramer Jersey Star.

So, if you could trade up to get that little package, I'd consider it.
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You'd trade a CS gibson for a Jersey star!?
Dammit, I was so close to buying one a few years back, I now realise I could've bought it, traded it to you and sold the CS for loads
No no, a Jersey Star and a couple of Epi Elitists, or the Fender in place of the JS.

But really, those Jersey Stars are stupidly good and I adore all-maple guitars. I'd have to lock and block the Floyd, but other than that, I'd give nearly anything to get hold of one in good condition. All the ones that turn up on the second hand market have been abused or modded.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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Not a bad idea...But it would be kinda difficult starting it. You'd be hard pushed to find someone willing to trade something like a Vintage or Epiphone low end model for something like a Mexican Fender.
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Aha , seems a good clever idea but getting the squair for a fender seems a little hard.

P.S: ive owned to encore's in the past they suck soo dam hard >=(
You would have to go outside of the guitar gear spectrum. You'll probably have to deal with electronics and other stuff too. No ones going to trade a squire for a fender, but they'll trade a squire for a camera. And someone may trade their fender for the camera. The value differences don't seem as drastic when you're trading different types of goods because used products keep their value differently.