I'm trying to get into electronic music, could you recommend me some?

My friend gave me Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker" EP recently, and I have feel in love with it.

Could you recommend me some electronic/techno/electronica etc.
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Pnuma Trio
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These for sure, also The Disco Biscuits, Shpongle, Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Thievery Corporation, Lotus, Particle, Conspirator, EOTO
In addition to what has been said: Infected Mushroom, 1200 Micrograms, Alien Project, Astrix, Astral Projection, Bassnectar, Breakbeatbuddha, Vibesquad, Eliot Lipp, Deadmau5, Ronald Jenkees, Armin Van Buuren, Bad Boy BIll, ATB, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, Propellorheads, Phutureprimitive, Mimosa.
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If you like Aphex Twin definitely check out:

More Aphex Twin (seriously, you can never get enough... I'd go for either I Care Because You Do..., Come to Daddy, Richard D. James Album, or Selected Ambient Works 85-92 at this point if Windowlicker is all you have... DrukQs if you're feeling ambitious, Selected Ambient Works II if you like droning ambient ethereal stuff)

Squarepusher - Check out "My Red Hot Car" in particular, "Selection Sixteen" (the only album I have by him) is a decent album, but I'd start with either Hard Normal Daddy or Feed Me Weird Things, I haven't heard them but a lot of people seem to like these the best.

Venetian Snares - Amazing breakcore guy from Winnipeg, buy "Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett". Buy it now. If you absolutely can't obtain this album (like, if you're on house arrest or you are bedridden or something) then listen to Masodik Galamb and Hajnal. My God, they are mindblowing.

Boards of Canada, of course. "In A Beautiful Place out in the Country" is a good place to start.

Autechre is pretty decent. I'd start with Tri Repetae, although I have yet to actually find this album and buy it.

Also check out the Flashbulb, The Orb, Nightmares on Wax, Odd Nosdam, Plaid, and Telefon Tel Aviv. Radiohead if you don't already listen to them.