just weighing my option between these two, playing more of hardcore and pop-punk music.

the only main thing is that im afraid how an muti-efx would suck the hell out of my tone, cause this buddy of mine had this G1 multi-efx and it sounds kinda dry.

so any opinions?
the korg has much nicer distortion. Thats all I really know though
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The korg is a very good pedal, my friend has one. He plays through a marshall fulltube halfstack and a gibson les paul and he can get some real dirty sounds with it! And i like the wah of it a lot too! It's distortions are great, chorus and stuff is nice but not great. And cleans u should get out of ur amp.
i have the toneworks
deffinetly get it!
i tryed both
korg kicks ass!
get the ax3000g

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