I have 200 (CDN) right now and I'm wondering if I should get a power conditioner now, or wait until I have more to get something better. I've been looking at some of the Furman Merit Series.
Go to Best Buy and get one of the Monster Power conditioners, those are great for around $150 USD. I'm not sure of the exchange rate but I believe that 200 CDN is somewhere around $150?
Furman M-8X is probably all that most guitar players need for safe power supply. $60 US.
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What is the point of power conditioners, anyway?

Voltage regulation, removes hiss and hum (from interference), and acts as a surge protector.
I seen the M8X somewhere online just the other day f0r $30+ shipping.
I'm using one by phonic, has served me well and I remember it was very cheap. Just be sure to get one with surge protection and something against hiss and hum
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