I am leading the highschool band at my church and every once in a while, we do a cover song.
I need contemporary cover song ideas, preferably from a mainstream Christian band (i.e. Jars of Clay, Switchfoot, etc...).
I do lead vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm electric, and keys. We have a very good drummer, an aboulutly SICK lead electric guitar player (played for 11 years, now a sophmore), a bass player, and an acoustic guitar/backup vocals, maybe keys guy...

Ideas please?
i dare you to move definitely and let the guitar player do a longer sweeter solo
you should do a cover of The Showdown XD
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I would check out the bands:
-Alter Bridge
-12 Stones

They are 'christian' bands that actually have talent and don't make a mockery of music by tossing in completely obvious christian lyrics.

Alter Bridge songs:
-Rise Today (I feel like this would make the most out of yoru set up. It's got the acoustic rhythm, some pretty sick lead guitar sections, some tricky drum fills, and some darn good vocals)
-Blackbird (not The Beatles song)
12 Stones songs:
-Lie To Me
-World so Cold
-This Dark Day
Maybe try some elbow - specifically "grace under pressure" take out the backing vocals and you have an epic song that can be covered in a church. (it was so much fun to confuse the old ladies at the back with, they still loved it though )

EDIT: if your lead guy is really good - get him to just play the entire thing using loads of effects and creating a huge layered sound rather than a crazy 100nps solo.
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