Hey guys, I've been playing for about 2 1/2 years now, and I've realised my pinky sticks out a lot when I play.
I've started learning sweeping and it's kinda stopping me from getting 4 string sweeps because of the pinger being to far away from the neck.

Do you guys have any good exercises for getting my pinky back down closer to the fretboard? I wanna be able to correct it before I can't


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my guitar teacher told me this, it might help:

when practicing, stand facing a wall and put the guitar neck right up next to it, so you can move your fingers but only enough to play close to the fretboard. this forces you to get used to only lifting your fingers slightly, so when you step away from the wall, you'll be used to the muscle movements.
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You have poor fretting hand finger independence. You will have a very long road ahead of you in retraining your pinky to stay closer to the fretboard.

Go to YouTube and search "UG Freepower". Watch his videos...and good luck, it won't be easy.
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ok first thing you can do is when you are sweeping stick you hand a lil forward so that the pick would be just above the neck pup........second thing you can do is place your pinky in such way http://www.freewebs.com/tomfromhell/547px-Matt_Heafy.jpg so ud be able to mute open strings in your sweeps
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