Any ideas?

The stock tubes are crap, but I've heard these things really scream with decent tubes, so I'm willing to invest in making this thing sound better...since I bought it for $200 anyway xD
I put Tung-sol 12ax7's in my XXX and they sound great and reduced Hiss.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
Yeah, I was thinking Tungsol. See, I really like the tone of the Valveking, weirdly enough. It just sounds really like...distant and tinny, and lots of hiss. And I know it's all the tubes, 'cause I've played others that, like I said, really scream.

I like them 'cause they got that really nice clean channel, and get dirty enough to do some grungey metal kind of stuff.

Plus I can't afford to dish out $2000+ on a better head :P