Ashes and nickels

The most painful thing about pain..
Is knowing that you’re always staring at me with the corner of your eye,
Grinning as you inject your wrist again.
And the streets seem to be so cold,
My jacket might as well be without sleeves.
I know that he’s keeping you warm
Beneath the sheets
You frown as you light your last cigarette,
And a tear taints your eyes as you smother it out.
The things you said you’d never do,
Who’s the liar now!

That bed must be so warm!
You don’t know his name!
Just the sugar he sells!

The black smoke runs down your lips
That life we shared you soon forget
Like ashes crawling down your mouth
Just a reason to forget you
Know reason to remember you
You’ll be dead soon
Who’s the liar now!

The most painful obstacle of given up is….
Remitting you should never of tried to begin with
That it was all a waste
“That you were just a waste!”
And I know I will struggle to remit
That there is nothing left of you
Nothing at all
But I think I might find,
It a lot harder to realize
That you never where what I thought you where anyway
Just a shadow of another desecrated time

So many holes
Where are those holes?
All over your wrest
I guess your life’s bin sold
This is how it unfolds
And this is how its bin
Seem to find
It’s way through the surface
The needles
Always find
Away to hurt you
How can I make you understand?
This isn’t the way
How can I make you see?
How bad you’re hurting!

Another broken road
Another broken girl
Dying on the streets

And the worst part of a funeral is….
Knowing you couldn’t do a thing about it
NICE!!! i wish i could write that well dude... well done
The gear that is worth mentioning:
2002 Burns Brian May Red Special <<<
Vox Vt 30
The gear that is nearly worth mentoining:
Lindo slimline acoustic
2005 squire affinity strat
mahalo les paul stlye electro/acoustic ukulele