CONGRATULATIONS, You are now playing the game
The game is very simple
-You are always playing the game
-You cannot win, you can only lose
-you lose whenever you remember the game
-whenever you remember the game, you have to announce out loud "I lose."
-After you lose, you have 30 minutes during which you can remember the game without losing.
-as soon as you mention the game to anyone, they begin playing as well.
-The goal of the game is to have everyone on earth playing.

The game...
You just lost it
YAYY I LOOSE!!!!!!!! i loose pretty much eveything anyway so i might aswell loose this game too
The gear that is worth mentioning:
2002 Burns Brian May Red Special <<<
Vox Vt 30
The gear that is nearly worth mentoining:
Lindo slimline acoustic
2005 squire affinity strat
mahalo les paul stlye electro/acoustic ukulele
can please someone ban him for spam?
After all you fell in love with death,
Life has aborted.
All you've had and all you became,
The night is calling, you pray forth.

Are You a PROG-HEAD? I am.