What is the diierance between a maple neck and a mohagany neck. I am going to order build a guitar and need to chose a neck wood. thanks
Maple is a harder wood so it has more treble, while mahogany has a beefier tone, with more lows... These are the main differences.
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Maple is harder, mahogany is softer. Maple usually doesn't have a seperate fretboard glued on, mahogany always does as far as I know. Maple is more prone to figuring, so if you want a flame or quilt piece, it will be much easier to find than mahogany. Mahogany is easier to machine than maple.
there's really quite a few actually.
The difference is less subtle than picking closer or further away from the bridge....
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There's a tone tone difference in every piece of wood. Generally maple is brighter while mahogany is warmer. However, like I said, every piece of wood is different. Two pieces of mahogany could be more different than a third piece of maple.