I need some help from some of the more experienced musos on the site.
I'm trying to organise and work out a system or grouping of ideas on how to literally explode onto the scene in my local area if not state.

None of this trickling in of fans from playing shows at a friends place or the local pub. Now our band has a few good contacts with owners of a few venues so getting gigs shouldn't be too much trouble. Hopefully.

I've given this a bit of thought but I'm yet to understand if my idea would be effective.

Before I go on any further I'll tell you my plan.

I plan to Pre-sell the band. Although I would like to give away the least amount of info about the band I can, to anyone out there looking for it. Something simple along the lines of "Be Prepared!" with a logo of the band or something above the words>> Maybe a web address, with something as equally useless. (just an example by the way) I could post these all over the city, send out facebook and myspace messages giving away hints here and there about what it all about.

I think it would be great if I could have a date where everything would be revealed. Allow venues to keep show dates secret too. So when the time comes, all of a sudden my band apears to be playing all over the place. (just an idea)

I have other ideas on how to build anticipation but I dont want to give too much of it away. Just in case it is a good idea, I dont want someone from the same town doing it.

I read a story of an artist doing something similar a few years ago in another state, he had plenty of interest in the begining but when he finally revealed himself, he was kinda bellow average. Of course I'll try not to let that happen.

The style of music we play just doesnt exist where I live and I think we would be a welome addition to the metal scene here. We have plenty of talent, dedication and organization. Just not much of experience when it comes to what the general public reacts to.

I think the hardest part would be to get some venues to allow an act to play whom theyve never seen live before. We would need to have an excellent demo for this to work.
Also the costs involved to set it all up could be quite high.

What I'd like to know:

Is something like this possible? Would it work?
If so, if we pull it off perfectly, would the most we could get out of it be worth it?
Who should we approach that could help us with this?

I'm not looking to us being an instant success. More like, "where the hell did they come from" and having people scrambling to find out more about us.

Any other advice you could offer?
Ways it could work or reasons why it wouldn't?

Thanks in advance.
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sounds to me like you're trying to do too much too fast. In order to be successful, you have to build a reputation, and teaser posters and websites don't do that. Just go out, play gigs for a while, have fun, and work on creating a package to send to an AR rep. You'll then have references you can go to with the rep and say "see? we're a quality product."
Honestly I'm quite happy to do either, just trying to explore some alternatives to try and be a little different. Not just in our music but also in the execution of that music.

Perhaps you're right though, stick to what we already know that works.

Does anyone have any stories of bands doing things a little differently to gain recognition?
I had a friends band who kind of did what your talking about, had literraly sent out 1000's of flyers, put posters everywhere and had a few gigs lined up at above average venues due to some of their parents knowing the owners. When time came around to the gig they managed about 15 people. They were told not to contact the venue again. Same thing happened at all the other gigs. They were told they were not welcome to play there anymore. They had basically hyped themselves up to the owners and managed to get on the bill, but when time came around weren't able to deliver a crowd.

This is one of the most important reasons that you need to build a fan base, you do this by playing gigs at pubs, small venues, etc, where it doesn't matter "Too much" about how many people you bring in, just looked fondly upon if you bring more people. Without a fan base you honestly shouldn't be going after some of the bigger gigs, you can easily anger owners and managers by saying you can deliver a crowd when you can't.

And i know from experience that if a random person comes up to you and gives you a random flyer, chances are they're just going to throw it away. I was everyone of my buddies gigs, and it was basically the same people the whole time, his family, me and a few of my friends and that was pretty much it.
You seem to be talking about viral marketting. It probably would have worked in the past and can definitly work on selling your band to people via the internet. Not so much in the real world man. Try going slow and not micromanaging everything
Quote by Casuist
The style of music we play just doesnt exist where I live and I think we would be a welome addition to the metal scene here.

Dude - you live in Brisbane (one of the capital cities of Australia for those who don't know). I'm sure there are other bands similar to the music you are making.

You seem to be overlooking the importance of music in the equation. People won't go see a band because of a poster - they'll see them because they want to hear their music. The most effective way therefore of "pre-selling" a band is by recording the music and posting it everywhere. But then you realise that everyone is doing that, and nobody has a reason to listen to your music.

Just gig like normal people. The advertising stuff is great to go hand-in-hand with it.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Thanks for your help guys. I do enjoy the concept.
Seems like if it backfires, which it more than likely will, you would never get a gig anywhere again.

As for the style of music:
Our band is made up of guys and girls, with one of the girls as a singer. She's classically trained with an amazing operatic voice. So the kind music we play is along the lines of Nightwish,(Sypmonic metal to be more broad) but we expect to be a little heavier and lighter at times. Perhaps some malmsteen style solos thrown in there for more of that classical arpeggiated feel. We want to really work on our live sound, rather than being a studio band.
I think I can safely say that no one in brisbane is doing this, most of the metal bands in the area are just copies of each other, all sounding relatively the same.
I'm thinking this could be a good or bad thing, maybe there's not a market for it here. May be hard to find support gigs too.

I'd be very happy for someone to prove me wrong though, because if someone is here already doing then I wanna go check it out.
So your band is kinda like Evanescence?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Yeah kinda. Heavier than Evanesence and our singer has similar vocals to the chick from Within Temptation, Nightwish and After Forever.

Evenescence are more rocky than heavy metal.
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That is my fav genre right now. Sharon from WT is tops.

That is a hard style to sell. Not a real commercial success, too bad because the music is very good.

Everyone thinks Evanescence when you describe the music.

Too bad you are not in Northern Europe.

I was watching "Storytellers" on Palladia ( HD Music Channel). ZZ TOP said the once played in front of 1 person.

Best of luck.

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I really read your post.
You should rename the thread: I have a stupid idea...
Are you F-ing kidding? Give hints? Keep show dates secret? How are you going to "burst" on the scene if no one knows who you are?

You need to seriously find a manager.
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It wasn't what I was planning. I've just heard of people doing it before,(tv shows do it too) and was wondering if it was at all possible with music. If I had positive feedback I probably would have done some more research into it later on, but its cool.

Nah too early for a manager. We've all just migrated from different bands, early days yet. Maybe in a few weeks.

Yeah I doubt (even if things do go really well) that we'd ever have our own show here. I'd say we'd have to play festivals most of the time.
We got a good bunch of musicians, and if things don't work out we're all fairly open to styles.
Never too early for a manager. If you are serious and every one committed, you should have a 2 year plan.

Flying by the seat of your pants NEVER works well for anything.

Find a friend, or someone who may want to do it for the experience.

They can do the footwork, phone calls, research, etc. Plus it would help to have someone dedicated to this.

You dont want to do all that do you?

Good luck to you all, I would really like to hear your music when you are ready.
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Last Add:
I really read your post.
You should rename the thread: I have a stupid idea...Are you F-ing kidding? Give hints? Keep show dates secret? How are you going to "burst" on the scene if no one knows who you are?

You need to seriously find a manager.

seriously, dude, you are my new favorite person on UG.