the first verse of this song was written almost three years ago. i dug it up recently and re-wrote the rest.

where have you gone?
I know you were still alive
when I last checked your vital signs
I know my medical experience
leaves something to desire
but I thought that I could heal
whatever ailed you if I just tried
we laid in the grass,
spent a summer drifting through the clouds
and fending off the rain
so I will forever think of you
as someone who could ease the pain
and take you like a drug

static encroaching on the last resistance broadcast
factories violently twisting steel into shape
a million balls of lead, a million trembling hands
cutting the puppet strings that hold our bodies upright
now we fall to the ground, we're nothing more than nerves
twisted and tangled underneath the skin

I believed when they told me
that you'd been in a coma
since the day they put a gun in my hand
but you haven't slept
they intercepted all your letters saying,
"leave your helmet, come back home"
I think they put me under,
stuffed my body full of cotton,
pulled the muscle from my delicate bones
but I've been trying to move
I know it's been a year or two,
but still I hope you're waiting for me
at the place where the dust ends,
where things are turning green again
and spring is pouring out of you
not bad. i'd either rewrite or maybe add a chorus to try and clear up the focus or main point, so to speak