Well I Have narrowed my search for a new electric guitar down to these two the LTD m100FM or the Ibanez RG320 DXFM-tg. (I have also played with both)

if anyone has these guitars or have played with them and you have any recomendations it would really be apreciated?


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I don't mean to completely ruin your idea but I suggest you get a fixed bridge, trems on guitars like these tend to be quite bad, especially the Ibanez ones. My suggestion is an RG321 or RGR321ex if you can find those. If you like the trems that's fine, just my opinion. Also you should really get a new amp before you get a new guitar. Spider's are well known for having a really digital sound, your tone will improve considerably if you get a new amp.

EDIT: I would definitely go for the Ibanez if I had to choose though.
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okay thanx. I actually want a tremm because i already have a fixed bridge on another guitar. i also only use the amp for practise when `n gig i use the line out on the pedal. but thanx for the input
Okay today i have played with both guitars (on a line 6 spider valve amp with the same effects for both guitars). The LTD is the guitar for me. I paly rock and metal and the LTD has just the tone i am looking for. The ibanez is nice but its sound is too round and warm (if that makes sense). The ltd has that mean sound i am looking for.

I also had no problems with the trem. it played really nice