does anyone have any ideas for a good bass song that I could do for my GCSE exam.
Thanks for any sugestions.
my generation - the who
club foot - kasabian
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You can either find music for something you really wanna play, or take the easy way out and play Grade 3 pieces if your school has the grade 3 book. That's what I did for my Standard Grade (Scottish Equivalent) and got a 1 (same as an A)

They're incredibly easy, yet are magically good enough to warrant top marks :laugh:

I'm sure it was Grade 3 >.>
For mine I think I did Longview by Green Day and Jailhouse Rock, the Motley Crue version.
Not the hardest songs but it got me a B.
yuo dont have to do a complicated song. do a fairly simple one and make sure you tick the boxes:
dynamics (have loud bits, quiet bits)
make sure you put feeling into it
dont get notes wrong
make the transition from one section to another obvious

and other things like that, i dont know your exam board.
ask your teacher to see their mark scheme.

im sorry to say it, but GCSE Music seems to be about hoop jumping.
jumping hoops got me an A*...
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Go out on a limb and learn a Victor Wooten solo song, or Jaco.

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