They have been walking on the street
Going through valleys
Going through alleys
Sometimes holding hands
Holding loosely tight
There were bumps on the road
So one of them fell in a hole
He asked for help, tried to take the blame
She couldn’t hear cuz of her fear
He tried so hard to make it clear
But her silence was just too loud
Her pride sacked him couple of times
He just got up and went right back
Her glasses are still blurry
This stinks worse than curry
Have no doubt in your faith tonight
Still lovin ur face
They couldn’t grow no more
Leaving all things undone
Tonight hes just lookin for the sun
Is just a star that cant be reached?
It just seems so far away from him
September has been so cold for him
Im so pleased u r feeling great
But none of this made any sense
Oh well, he cant do ****
On well, it feels like ****
Been letting it go through this pen
We are all responsible for our own endings.
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