I am putting back a little money here and there for a guitar to buy for my one year anniversary of when I first started learning to play! I wanted to keep my budget under 500$ new OR used. For 499$, I have been looking at the Ibanez sas32ex, and was wondering....

Has anyone played or experienced this guitar, and if so, would it be worth the money? Any opinions welcome (even if it is to change gears and look at something different all together)

I am currently playing a Peavey Raptor.. so this would regardless be a step up I believe . In case it helps, I play mainly alternative rock/classic rock, but a little bit of metal as well. (So, a wide range of sounds to put bluntly)


Here is a link to one, in case checking the specs would be useful for your reply!

i think a ibanez art or arx series might suit you better, one with a gibraltar bridge if a trem isn`t necessary.
that specific guitar no but i do own and currently play an ibanez sa220 or sas220 and i will say i love it and it only cost me 250, original msrp 600-800 roughly, so to me the sa or sas series is very impressive for the money i say go for it
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Thanks for the +1 on the sas series. Also, I'll have to keep in mind the art and arx series when I go to the guitar shop and attempt to make my decision, where I can hopefully find some of these models.

Thanks for advice!