I want to trade or sell my Valvetronix 100w halfstack. I really want an AC15 or an AC30, but i will throw in some cash if you have an AC30 to trade or another more expensive amp; ex. i really want a Blues Deville or a Deluxe Reverb also. If you want to buy it, I'm asking $500 OBO. These amps go for $700 brand new, and mine is in PERFECT condition; not a scratch on it. It's only been in my house and to some friends' houses to jam, but i've taken extremely good care of it. This is an amazing amp and i love it so much, but i'm just tired of hauling around a halfstack just to jam or play a small show. It's 100 watts and it is LOUD as hell. It has 11 amp models that sound dead-on and full of tubey goodness, thanks to a preamp tube that sounds amazing. Also, 11 effects to choose from. PM me for a list of all effects and what amps are modelled. I live in Washington state, so any west-coasters please text me if you're interested 360-314-8805, just say you're from UG. If you are tired of your little combo and want something bigger and louder that still puts forth juicy creamy tubey tone, this is the amp for you.

If you want, i can also upload a video demo of it so you can hear how it sounds.

I would prefer texting since I'm not on UG every waking moment of my life, but if you can't text a PM will be fine and i will get it, since i do get on pretty much every day.