Hey, everyone. I've recently started working on string skipping arpeggios, and have had some trouble with hammering on.

I've been using this video as a refence:

I have the major, minor, and diminished forms figured out for the 5th and 4th strings.

When I pick the second note and hammer on to the third, the third note is quiet. I just can't seem to keep the sound loud enough, and when I pick every note in the arpeggio I don't have the speed. I've never really noticed it before, but I guess all my hammer on's and pull off's have been this way.

Could it be because I'm using a cheap guitar that probably has crappy pick-ups, or am i doing something completely wrong? Thanks for the help.
Could be to do with the action on your guitar, or could just be that your still learning how to do it.

Keep trying, make sure you're accurate and using enough force, if you still don't get anywhere adjust the action.
Please don't try to copy Paul's hand position in that video! Its aweful! For legato you should be using the "classical" grip, with your fingers parallel to the frets.

I don't understand Paul's technique at all, it even looks awkward.
I actually started with this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywJXeZFUcPk

I was talking about the speed Paul has, sorry for the confusion. >.<

I've tried putting more pressure, but it seems like I really have to 'slap' it get it to sound right.
I might try adusting the action if I can't find anything else wrong.
Nah it wont be the action- unless your strings are about an inch off the neck? You need to make sure you're hitting the strings in the right place I.E. right next to the frets. Also, you could try newer strings?

Adjusting the action can alter the intonation, and thats hassle, so I wouldnt do that right away. Work on your technique, dont just blame the guitar