There is a very nice little guitar festival happening in Scotland if anyone lives in the UK or is on holiday there at that time. The line-up is pretty good with:

Friday Night :- Pete Price, Iain Forbes and Gary Potter

Festival club The Arch Inn Starts Midnight

Saturday Afternoon:- Wizz Jones, John James and Gareth Pearson.

Saturday Evening:- Peter Finger, Alex de Grassi and Henry McCullough.

Festival club The Arch Inn Starts Midnight

Sunday Afternoon:- Allan Neave with Sean Shibe and Sofia Pyrounaki. Tristan Seume, John Goldie, Hugh Burns and Clive Carroll.

Sunday Evening: John Smith, Johnny Dickinson and Woody Mann.

The full blurb about it is at this http://www.italkguitar.com/news/top-acoustic-players-head-for-north-west-scotland