Hi, im looking for a good bass stack to start playing gigs in. It's my frist time playing live and i need to find a good stack that's loud enough for medium / small gigs, and still has a good tone. I'm looking at the GK backline 600 for now, and it seems pretty good so far. If anyone has a good recomendation for a stack that's good live, or thinks that i should stick with buying the GK backline 600, please let me know.
Thanks in advance

P.S. Im looking for something around $700 or less
Well it depends, are you looking to DI into a PA or are you looking for something that can stand alone? If you can plug directly into the PA the amp that I have is awesome. It's a Behringer BXL3000. They are right around 300 bucks and has a lot of cool **** on it. It has a footswitch for a distortion channel and a switch for ultrabass (drops what you play an octave lower) it has a bypassable compressor on it and a 7 band EQ.
he isnt going to be doign DI that often as our egualr shows will have 50-120 people.
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