I'm looking for a good acoustic guitar and $700 is the limit. It doesn't have to be acoustic-electric because if its not I can buy a pick-up, which raises the question. Which pickup would be good. Maybe $300 or less. For guitars all I know right now are Taylors and Martins, maybe a Gibson or Washburn. For a pickup all I know is Fishman. I'm really looking for a quality instrument and all advice and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Honestly a Yamaha or Takamine acoustic or acoustic/electric would suit you fine. They are good-quality guitars and if you a try a few I'm sure you'll find they sound just as good if not better than the higher end Taylors/Martins/Gibsons. If you are going to buy a pickup I'd suggest a dean markley humbucker or single coil- depending on the sound youre looking for.
yesterday in gc, i tried out a Breedlove Atlas Series Studio C25/SM
it has solid top and back, and sounded really good. it was $550 in the store, so worth checking out your local gc.

don't forget to check out the seagull maritime series - they're in your price range and are all solid wood. as always, they sound good and are well made. there might be one or two other seagulls that are all solid and in your price range depending on the store.

the epiphone masterbilts seem pretty popular - all solid for around $550. not my favorites, but still good stuff, i'd definitely recommend you try 'em.

if you can find 'em, i've heard nothing but good about recording king - good sound, finish and all solid wood in your price range. you can find 'em online and at ebay, but i have only 2 stores within an hour or so of my house that sells 'em.
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Dont forget to include a case in your price, sometimes you can find used cases on craigslist that will work. Don't want to spend that much then hurt your guitar by not protecting it.
Best thing to do is go out and try some. Everyone around here loves yahama but I find that they're kind of hit or miss. I have my taylor 114ce that i got used for 450 with the case and I love it. My budget was around a thousand but I didn't care to spend the extra money when I played my guitar. I fell in love with it right after picking it up. Used will get you a much better deal. All i can say is don't count out any guitar just because of the brand name. I have friends that have been playing longer than me that love their Ibanez acoustics. It's all personal preference.