Poll: Is a Gibson Les Paul a better lead or rhythm guitar?
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View poll results: Is a Gibson Les Paul a better lead or rhythm guitar?
6 46%
7 54%
Voters: 13.
Not saying it's not good for both but, what do you think an LP's better for? Lead or rhythm?
The player determines if he/she is a rhythm or lead guitarist, not the guitar....
You can play lead with ANY guitar, and you can play rhythm with ANY guitar.

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Yeah, its pretty much impossible to say whether the Les Paul is better for lead or rhythm. Its just so versatile that it does both well.
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Tonally, it doesn't cut through as much as a lot of other guitars. It's also not as clear as others. Upper fret access can also be a problem. While you can play lead just fine on a LP, I think there are better options if you're looking to specifically play lead.
It's either.

Is it just me, or have we had like six threads asking the same basic question lately? Guitars aren't designated between rhythm and lead duties. It's all about you.
I noticed that in most bands, if one guy plays a strat and the other an LP, the strat is almost always lead and the LP rhythm. Don't know how to answer your question, but if I had to guess I'd say rhythm.
It totally depends but I said lead just because I have this idea that it is good at leads but it really depends on the musical style and on the player.
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