So i was recently looking at violas, due to wanting to get one, but after realising how expensive an electric one would be, i was greatly dissapointed and sought out to find some alternative means to obtain something similar. Luckly i was listning to sigur ros and rembered that the guitarest bows his guitar, so i did a little youtube search to see if i could hear some bowed bass. After watchign a few videos, i decided i liked the sound. I also tried tuning my bass to viola tuning (cgda) but was not to fond of the low c, so i tried dacg which i like much more even thouhg its not the same. So my questions are, what type of bow, and rosin would work well for this, what adjustments would i need to make to my bass in order to keep it in dacg tunning, what possible effects would be good for this, and would defretting it possible help get more of a bowed instrument sound.
I know i will be ony able to play all strings at once or only the top or bottom string, because the bridge is flat, but that dosent bother me. Thanks for the suggestion of the double bass , but my whole idea behind this is to avoid buying another instrument.
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get a double bass bow and double bass rosin.

Also if you're looking to go the electric Viola route why not buy a cheap Electric Violin and whack a set of viola strings on it?
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rosin will mark up the strings and bass, just so you're aware.

why does it have to be electric? Unless I'm ignorant and they only come in electric. Which seems kind of sketchy...
to Double Basser: i actually havent thought about that, ill give it a check (some possible suggestions would be greatly appreciated) but im pretty strap for cash for the moment, and the videos of bow on the bass have me leaning towards that now From a quick search double bass bows seem kinda pricy os there a cheaper alternative, or am i just not looking hard enough?

to Canadian_basser: Ya, i know it will mark, but im not overly worried about that. There not just electric, but im looking for electric because i want to be able to run it through effects.
Thanks for the suggestion but im not a bif fan of the e-bow.

Edit: Actually after some web surfing i think ill go wiht double basser's idea of the electric violin. Thanks for suggestions everyone.
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