hey, i just discovered tool and i like them alot, what are some cool songs to learn? besides the pot, i already learned that one
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Reflexion is a nice song to play with a bass

Basicly any song that start with R from tool is chill for bass
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Tool is ****in' great...

46 & 2 is fun to play...Schism, The Grudge are also good...
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^ +100

Vicarious, for example. I'm trying to work on 10000 days myself, but haven't gotten around to it yet.
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Schism. I mainly play the guitar, but damn I can play the bassline to that song. Its freaking brilliant!
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try "Disposition", it's hella fun to play on bass.

And I don't even really play bass, it's still lulz to play =D
46 and 2, just ahead a me!

Schism, as said.

The grudge was hard for me, i couldnt ever get the timing right, but i never worked on it hard enough.

Vicarious and Jambi are fun though. Real fun.
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Playing the fast part at the end of vicarious is really fun (and not that hard really).

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The pot is one of my favourites
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