Im in a punk/ska band and i have a custom tele(alder body, maple neck). I was wondering if there were any good pickups that you could recommend. I was thinking about getting the seymour duncan phat cat on the neck for ska, and getting the seymour duncan invader for the bridge.

P.S. dont know if this helps but my fav bands are operation ivy, dead kennedys, agent orange, NOFX, Buck-o-nine, and rancid.( the classics go without saying Sex pistols, uk subs, ramones etc.)
I wouldn't reccomend the Invader - that pickup is much more metal-focused. Look around at some lower output pickups for some more versatility.
BTW, I saw Rancid live opening for Rise Against. Now THAT was a show!
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not sure if its going to work but the idea im going for is to put the phat cat in the neck and use that for ska type songs and use some type of humbucker in the brigde for a hardcore sound.
i wouldnt say that the invader is just for heavy metal i use mine for a nice poppy sound with distortion
I havnt ever used an invader, but my guitar came stock with Duncan Designed Detonators (Korean made Invader copy) and they sure werent too high gain, especially if you brought the pups away from the strings. And my friend is a bassist in a pop punk band and he says the guitarist has an Invader in the bridge, so... Thinking it can do punk.
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Yeah, Tom DeLonge from blink-182 had an Invader in his custom Strat and he played through a Dual Rectifier and his tone is nowhere near metal. [Although also ran a JCM900 through an A/B switch.]

Anyway I'm pretty sure his Strat was an alder/maple setup as well [with a rosewood fretboard]. So if you find some live videos from the 2000-era [Sydney Big Day Out, Reading Festival, Daytona Beach Spring Break] and like his tone, you might like the pickup.

Or you might hate blink-182 and hate me for this post, haha.
Maybe a Duncan SH-4 or SH-11(I think that's the model I'm thinking of)
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well it doesnt NEED to be a pickup from seymour duncan are emg's good for an op. ivy sound? and i knoe hefe from nofx uses an emg
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Maybe a Duncan SH-4 or SH-11(I think that's the model I'm thinking of)

I vote for the SH-11. It's also called the Pearly Gates. It's a brighter sounding pickup. It's good for punk.

There is nothing wrong with the active EMGs. You'll just need to do some extra wiring to make the active and passive pickup get along. Also, you'll need to make sure you have room for a battery. Being a tele, you probably should have plenty of room under the pickguard.