So i wrote this riff which is an extensive part of a song im doing

chords are Bm7 Bm7 (with A bass note) G6add9 Emadd9

I really dont know where to go for a chorus or just a change. If im in Bminor which i think i am i assume the chords are

Csharp 1/2 dim

...basically any comments how i could progress the song. I feel when i leave the progression it just sounds like another song ie too big a departure. Its sort of progressive/post/alt rock style in 6/8
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If it sounds too much like a different song, than scrap it, and start from scratch.

yep did that hence the thread....
Have you tried making a progression out of a melody? That may help. It gives the song a purpose and a direction you know you want to go.
i know the advice is generic but just try using your ear. think outside the box.
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