Poll: how old were you when you started pursuing music on your own
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At what age did you yourself pursue music and new artists on your own? I'm not talking about how at 5 when your parents told you about their passionate love making to Rolling Stones CDs, or the time your babysitter played alternative rock for you when you were 8.

I was late, didn't get really into music outside of pop/rock until I was 14.
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15, i started guitar then got interested in music

why i wanted to play guitar without an interest in music, i'll never know
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12, I guess. That's when I downloaded my first few songs (usually of the pop punk and classic rock variety) off of limewire.

I'd say I started an "active" interest last year. That's when I started listening to whole albums.
I think roughly in grade 5/4 when I started taking guitar lessons. So I would be around 10 I think?
Around 14 when I bought guitar hero and I learned about many new bands, shortly after I bought a guitar which helped me find even more bands
Well, thank god, my parents kept me away from pop/hip-hop, and was always interested in classic rock. Then I kind of evolved musically and started listening to jazz and metal, even though I still listen to classic rock, I've just branched off. Feels good, man.

I played trumpet since sixth grade and I learned a bit about music from that, but I never really cared about it.

I always wanted to learn to play guitar, and I had some extra cash at the time, so I bought a guitar and really became interested in music from that point on.
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I was... I think.... 12. My mom knew three chords on her guitar, and that got me interested. I soon mastered the E, G, and A chords, then asked my mom to sign me up for lessons.
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I was forced to start playing piano when I was 5 or 6, and I resented it for a few years, but eventually I warmed up to it and started tinkering around on my own
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When Rage Against the Machine-Battle of Los Angeles came out, so 1999. I would have been 11.

That was when I really became passionate about music. I had some interest before that, but not a whole lot. 1999 was really the year that things got started for me.

The Offspring-Americana and Blink 182-Enema of the State both contributed around the same time as well.
i took a liking to punk rock at the prime age of 10, but didn't play anything until i turned 14
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when i was a baby my dad put on Beatles records, and instead of nursery rhymes, i learned those songs. Octopus' Garden was my favorite back then. then when i grew up and figured out it was such a silly song, i actually relistened to all the albums. i was into sports as a kid though. when i hit 12 i liked all the mainstream and classic rock. 13 alternative. 14 metal. 15 metal. 16. classical, hiphop jazz 17. still looking for more awesome music.
According to my parents, when I was really young I'd cry and not sleep until they'd play music... Other than that I got my first guitar at like age 9
as far back as i can remember. there are videos of me in my diaper dancing in the kitchen to my dad's RHCP album and throwing uncooked spaghetti noodles everywhere.

"gih-uh-way gih-uh-way gih-uh-way now!"

my dad gave me his nirvana unplugged CD when i was about 5 along with an elvis CD he bought for me. around then i also really liked classical music. first CD i bought for myself was at 7 and it was the wallflowers - bringing down the horse. dad took me to their concert when they toured to support the album. great times.
It depends. I got my first tape walkman when I was 7, and since then I've been listening to everything, and I started learning my first instrument (recorder) when I was 6.. since then my tastes, styles and instruments have changed immensly through a million and one different variations.
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I can't remember when I didn't have an interest in music. I was always listening to the radio when I was a kid. I think I first taking an independ interest in music when I was about 11 and the whole "American Idiot" thing was going on.
started guitar at school at 7. first gig was The Fall at 11.
I was 7 I think. So I just picked the lowest option on the poll.
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i started with elvis when i was about 8 and couldn't stop listening to him. Thats when i started properly listening to msuic
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I selected all of them, just because I could.

EDIT: When I was 7 I was listening to Eminem.

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This x1000

I was probably 13-14 at the time, all I listened to was Pink Floyd, Megadeth/Metallica, and The Misfits/other punk bands. lolol. The only of them I listen to anymore on a regular basis is Floyd.
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Probably 16/17 when I properly got into Radiohead, then Tool and some math-rock in the couple of years after, along with Aphex Twin and stuff.

Before it was just MIllencolin and pop-punk kind of bands.
Age 5, I listened to the Beatles. Loved everything they did, aside from Yellow Submarine. My favourite track back then was Blackbird.

When I was older and took an active part in playing music, I really got into Classical. Beethoven is still to this day one of my favourite composers, although technically not classical.

About 13/14 I started to get into Rock. At first it was really awful stuff. The most metal I listened to was HIM. Then my friend introduced me to Slipknot. I got into Korn and then into more unconventional metal.

Now aged 17, my tastes vary from smooth Jazz to ACDC to Cannibal Corpse to Shostakovich. I love pretty much all music, aside from commercially driven tripe and music made with little or no creative process (A drum beat and a bloke talking over the top etc.)
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I voted for everything.

But still, when I was ten, thereabouts. 2003 was the year I discovered Muse, Linkin Park, The Offspring, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lostprohets. They were probably my first 'favourites'.
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