hows it goin', i was wondering earlier if you could put two pickups in a guitar.. example, one Seymour Duncan pickup and One EMG pickup, tell me your thoughts on this and if your guitar is set up like that tell me how it sounds
Different brands will work fine together, if that's what you mean. A DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge will work just fine with a Duncan Jazz in the neck.

However, EMGs are stereotypically active, while Duncans are typically passive. I do believe that will function - but it will probably sound like ass.
Yes, they will, but you must wire them different, I believe there's a schematic on the EMG website to do this.

Although, don't use them both together, and stick with either full bridge or full neck.
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yeah you'd need to have two different volume pots, otherwise the EMG would be regular and the passive quiet, or the EMG blowing out your ears and the passive regular.
^not only that, they'd have to be in separate circuits.
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^not only that, they'd have to be in separate circuits.
Yep, this is the only way you can reasonably do it.
So in other words, hassle out the ass, my advice would be to go all passive.
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