So, do you guys have other hobbies? Or is it just straight up music all day everyday? Lately I've been burnt out on music, so I try and play some video games or go skateboarding or something...but then I feel guilty for not attending to my guitar lessons. Any of you ever feel like this? ..I want to have other hobbies, but I always feel like I'm wasting my time because music is my main passion and career path. So, how do YOU balance the two?
I'm busy enough with school, that music fits in where ever there's time. It's just a hobby. I don't feel guilty if I don't play anything all day.
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He's doin it right. I like gardening too >.>

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I do a fair bit of woodworking. I also play airsoft and paintball. Hella fun.
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video games, tv, hanging out with friends but honestly? most of the time guitar
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That's a given...but yes, another non-music related hobby of mine.
I've been having the same problem for a while now, i just don't have enough things to do. my daily routine just revolves around guitar, music, UG, video games and hanging out with my band. But I'm going to really start trying to get a job (because there's an amp I want, a really expensive guitar I want and a bunch of other music stuff lol)

but I figure once I've got a job it'll make everything else fun again since I won't being doing that all the time.
Working out, reading, writing. I feel good when I feel healthy, I feel smart when I'm reading and learning new things whenever I can, and I feel solid in my beliefs and opinions and worldviews when I write them down, whether or not anyone reads them.

Not to mention school. I wish I had the kind of freetime I had in highschool again. Class, studying, etc eat up most of my time.
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Work, school, music, guitar, UG, hanging out with friends. Thats pretty much my entire life. Hopefully soon I'll add in video games, and girlfriend.
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Ecstasy and girlfriend.
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Anything is possible with music which is sooo awesome

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Oh, also I didn't mention I have a pretty wonderful best friend/girlfriend who I spend most every day with.
Isolation is a gift. All the others are a test of your endurance.
i guess the other thing i put as much effort into as music is working out. the other things i dont really consider hobbies. like i play video games once in a while and i have a bunch of seasons of shows i like to watch. i like to read about science and stuff like that too.
Working out, video games, masturbation, other instruments lol.
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Ecstasy and girlfriend.

hah, this is a win. those are nothing but good times.... good messy times.

me i spend a lot of time smoking herb and and playing guitar, but i have a pretty sweet home entertainment center so i spend a bit of time watching movies/games/music etc

just as an fyi don't be real surprised if it gets closed/moved. it might be considered a bit off topic for this specific forum.
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Let's see... I have work 25 hours a week, 4 classes plus homework/assignments/studying, I write for my university's newspaper and work as an engineer/dj at it's radio station (1690 AM for those of you in Montreal, those I hear we reach as far as Ottawa), I write for an arts website, write press releases and other documents for a production company as well as doing freelance live audio engineering. I'll also play the occasional round of Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty 5. This is all besides going out for drinks a few nights a week and/or watching the hockey game, and spending time with my girlfriend. Plus there's cooking, cleaning, laundry and other mundane tasks around my apartment. Oh, and I go to the gym at least twice a week, but try to go four times. And yet somehow I still manage to play guitar for at least an hour a day.
So, kids, you'll understand when I say I hate hearing complaints about people being bored.
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Nothing special actually. Maybe I should try videogames :P
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Wow...I wish I had the problem of having too much time to play guitar....or only having to spend money for guitar/music gear for that matter.

Enjoy it while it lasts, you damn kids.

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I go to the gym, I'm starting university next week, so aside from music i'll have classwork & partying, and I'm taking up PPC marketing in October.
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Straight up

Hah. Well of course pot, I write graffiti, and play counter-strike source. That's about it. Other than guitar and playing in bands

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Ahhhh..... just missed it....

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