Hey guys, just need some advice on what would be a better buy for my money.

Ive finally got GUitar Rig and my guitar working together, its an amazing program but im limited to my ocmputer which is becoming a hassle everytime I get kicked of to let my little brother on. And I have to leave my guitar here which is not good.

Ive managed to sum up 200 dollars by now and was very interested in the Line 6 Floor Pod Plus. Has tons of effects, amps, and cabs which Ican play around with.


Ive also found the Boss Me-20 quite good but it just doesent seem to have all the "extras" as the LIne 6 would.


What do you guys think? 200 is my max. I find it much better than getting individual pedals haha.
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I got a real cheap ass multi effects pedal (zoom g1) and built it up from there...i only really use the zoom now for the reverb, got most of my other pedals for pretty cheap. So you could do something like that, but it'd take some shopping around for cheaper individual pedals.

Alternatively, i've been told the line 6 pod 2 i think it was, is pretty good. Not sure how much that is though! Depending on how beginner or experienced you are you could always go for the zoom g1 :P
I absolutely hate multi efx processors but it really depends on if your a touring artist or in studio.

If you play alot of shows just go with pedals.

and if your in the studio or recording alot then i would say the Floorpod even though i hate in studio tricks ;P Im oldschool haha.
Out of the two, i'd go with the line 6. They really know how to set up their tones compared to the Boss. I find that boss products sound better through an fx loop in an amp, but the line 6 has more quality out of the box sounds that you can experiment with and play with headphones.

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Ok thanks for the quick responses

buying cheaper pedals 1 by one is harder for me as I want quite a few effects, especially a U2 effect which I got amzingly well on GR3.

Im not doing any shows yet so just doing some in home/computer recordings.

I guess ill go with the Line 6 Floor pod =D
I have a question....do u have an amp? From your first post I get the idea that ur only playing through the computer?

If so get an amp man.....**** playing through a cpu unless ur recording and even then mic an amp....wtf!!! Lol

And if you don't have an amp and you want some effects as much as it absolutley kills me to advise this but get a line 6 spider....their cheap and have effects....(Please don't hate me people hahaha )
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haha dont worry, I do have an amp but since I had Guitar Rig 3, I wanted togive it a try. I got kind of bored playing the same sounds out of my amp. btw my computer has a pretty powerfull system haha, but its not large amp xD.