First, our current line up.
Drummer - He's pretty good, no complaints here.
Guitarist - Me, I'm pretty good, I can play all we do well.
Singer - Me, I'm ok at singing, but I hate being stuck to the mic all the time. Definately need a singer.
Bassist - He doesn't really practice that often, probably gonna replace him.

Now I want a singer/rhythm guitarist and a new bassist. I have found a FANTASTIC singer/rhythm guitarist, but he lives 50 minutes from the drummer and my house, so its to far to drive. But my one good friend plays guitar and lives between me and the singer, making it a 25 minute drive for us to get to his house (which is ok) So my 3 main options I'm considering are
1. Find a new bassist and don't bother with the singer.
2. Try and find a bassist that lives between us and the singer.
3. I could switch to bass and get my guitarist friend and the singer. I will play bass, but I'd rather play guitar. But if playing bass will make it much easier, I'll do it.

So what would you guys do? Post any questions/comments.
even if its a 50 minute drive, if his bettetr than the other go with the one thats better
i have a 50 minute drive to school, suck it up man and go with the guy that is better
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I'm sorry I didn't make this clearer...the only reason I mention friend 2 thats a 25 minute drive is the it would make it a 25 minute drive for me+drummer and the singer/rhythm guitar...he would only come into play if I switched to bass.
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Yeah I wouldnt change instruments play what you love to play

Well I love to play both guitar and bass equally for the most part, its just sometimes I get frustrated playing bass because theres literally no options as far as basses go, since I'm left handed...its pretty much a P-bass standard, J-bass standard, or violin bass.
I wouldn't drop the singing personally, but most singers do also play guitar or bass so grab one of those and make it an extra co-singer and you get singing lessons.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.