Right now, i got a laguna le 122 guitar and a line 6 spider III amp...

I was thinking about upgrading to a new guitar or amp sometime...which do you recommend a new guitar or new amp??

I'm just not sure how much a new guitar would really change sound...but it would allow for different tones which would be interesting...

In terms of music i play...
Metallica (Rhythmn) - only been playing for 6 months (sorry for those fans of MOP and other hard solos)
Red Hot Chili Peppers

i was also considering a variax effects pedal with basically everything on it but i dont know if that works with a spider ii

w/e thats a lot...any suggestions would be great

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New Amp. Spider III is the worst amp ever made,

Its not the absolute worst amp ever made by any stretch of the imagination. However, it definately is not a good amp either.

I'm gonna go amp here as well.
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Personally I would go with a new guitar if I felt limited by the 122 in terms of playability. Personally Ive never played one so I can't say. But if the playability of your guitar suits you get a new amp
id really go with new guitar

if you dont thats okay but if you do, id get some the guitar from b.c. rich guitars
Amp dude, and when it come too a new guitar, save money and just get new PUPS installed untill you can afford a really nice guitar. hope that helps
unless you dont like the way the guitar feels i'd get a new amp or a pedal or something
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Your budget would help.
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well because you JUST started playing I would say get a guitar that feels right and fine tune your ear for tone in the next year or so. then get a new amp.
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Amp dude, and when it come too a new guitar, save money and just get new PUPS installed untill you can afford a really nice guitar. hope that helps


And also in my opinion, multi effects are "ok" when you combine them with a ****ty amp, but when you get a better amp that has a satisfying tone of its own, you'll probably never use it again. Go for singe effects and you won't go wrong
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The only answer you're going to get from anyone that "knows what they're talking about" is new amp, because everyone loves to hate Line 6 amps. Really, though, you should hold off on a new amp until you can get a really good one, and get a reasonable guitar first.
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