I've been playing for nearly 3 and a half years now. But I've only been writing for about a month. I mostly do acoustic stuff. I have a problem with writing though. Like, I get my guitar and go, "All right! I'm gonna write a song. Then I sit there for like 2 hours like a dumb**** and nothing comes to me. What do you do to get Ideas? What inspires you?
Think of anything. If I sit down and try to write a song, it never works. Go on with your daily life and if you think of anyhting, go ahead and write that down.

Later you might think of something that goes with it or something. Movies have always inspired me, so have other osngs.
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Pretty much.

As you get better at writing you'll probably be able to churn out stuff without having inspiration, but the best stuff will always come when you're not trying.
start with a subject then work around that or write about how you feel or if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend wite a song for her/him