Hey everyone, my friend wants me to join his punk band but i want to add a fair share of my own influences to the mix. By metalcore/screamo i don't mean **** like escape the fate or bullet for my valentine, I listen to stuff like Converge, August Burns Red, Botch, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Pg. 99, Orchid, etc... what i want to know is what are some traits beside chugging i can use to emulate a sound like these bands? I'm not too technically skilled so I just need some commonly used techniques to mess around with and eventually ill come up with my own sound... Oh and anyone have some dissonant sounding chords they can share?
Dissonant sounding chords...nothing sounds nastier than a major seventh triad, IMO.

Anyways, I'm not going to tell you any techniques, because the way I think you should learn these sort of things is by learning some songs. That, and I don't listen to metalcore. :P
Clean,fast, consistent alternate picking will get you almost anywhere in metal, including metalcore. There is a focus on the downbeat and a fetish for triplets in a lot of metalcore bands. Those things are good to keep in mind. However, metalcore is more defined by the tone of the instruments and the composition then the technique; if you can play metal, you can play metalcore. Being a clean, consistent player is universal.
Liste to some Escape the Fate. You may dislike it but the guy's got skills. As I Lay Dying too.
Pedal tone riffs are used quite abit throught metal core , obviously breakdowns but dont just stick a breakdown in caus its core caus thats just stupid
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