I'm looking to buy a halfstack Marshall AVT 150 used off a friend of mine. for $600 he's giving me the AVT 150 head, a 4x12 cabinet and the pedal board that comes with it.

I play mostly Thrash metal like megadeth, Kreator, sludge/Doom like Electric Wizard, Sleep, and Mastodon and I'm starting to get really into more experimental bands like Mr. Bungle.

I also play lots of "shred" solo style (don't really know how to describe it) and love artists like Buckethead, Paul Gilbert and Jason Becker

Right now I have a Gibson Explorer that I love to death but my amp situation sucks, I have a (don't laugh ) Marshall MG 10 "practice" amp
I'm using a RP80 Digitech pedal with it as well.

I consider myself to be a fairly good guitarist I can learn songs and riffs fairly quickly but I'm still working on my solo techniques like sweeping but I've gotten good at things like moving around the neck and using different scales in solos. I'm working on learning "Vivaldi's Four Seasons-Summer-Presto" right now if that helps with understanding my current playing.

I'm also playing regularly with a "band" (I use the term loosely because we can't ever seem to get anything done, my bandmates have a hard time practicing ) I also jam a lot with other people who all have bigger and louder amps than I.

If this amp isn't what you guys would recommend feel free to make suggestions although my budget would be less than $1,000

I really appreciate it!
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Can you go used? If so,
Peavey 6505+
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I've heard that the simple AVT's (The ones without effects, or with very very few effects) are pretty nice, and it'll be even better if you put a N.O.S Mullard 12AX7 in there.

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What is in the pedalboard?

with 1000 you can get a killing amp...

Edit: Yeah, good point, I got my 900 head for $1100 AU, and it can do all those genres.
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Used 5150/6505/xxx IMO
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look used and see if you can find a peavey XXX or a mesa mark III, those amps would be good for your style

EDIT: give us your nearest major city so we can try and hunt something down on your local craigslist

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really its less than 1,000 more around 800, 1,000 was just a maximum.

The pedal board has
-acoustic sim
-overdrive 1
-overdrive 2
-clean 1
-clean 2
and I think one extra for effects, but I'm not sure

another thing I was wondering is would buying a halfstack be too big of a step for now? I don't really play any shows yet but I'm looking to in the near future, would buying a smaller 300-400 dollar amp be better for now and then in a few years buying a halfstack?

thanks a lot for the help so far

and nearest major city would be Greensboro, North Carolina
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