You gotta walk past the barricades
You gotta look behind the silver screen
Look at the world, (Something about 5 syllables long)
Look at the world, and tell me what you see.

Preferably, the first word should be something with emphasis and a sharp sound.
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what about... open your eyes... or... open up your eyes?
i know open isnt a particularly strong word... but lyrically it seems to fit?
hope that helps
I'm probably not being very helpful but, mattering on the melody of the song, you could try a pause? I think it's quite effective in a certain smiths song.. Might work for you, too?
If yer making it a chorus, i like the idea of having a pause there first then later in the song possibly use something similar to "and stop pretending".
Not "open your eyes" because that's used a lot. So is the other one i suppose but not so much..that's just my opinion anyhow.
what about
"Look at the world, and tell me what you wanna be"
"Look at the world, and tell me what you see"

then as a chorus

"Stop pretending to be something you will never be.....etc"