I cant sing or talk while playing, it gets me off rhythem. How can i learn to do this? Am i gonna have to be a lead guitarist forever? If i can find a way that helps, i am gonna practice it till i can solo and sing like deron miller from cky does with his technical single note riffs. But yeah, back to the point. Any sugestions?
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I can sing and play guitar, but talking and playing guitar is like impossible.

You have to start out slow. Ring out chords instead of playing the rhythms, and change accordingly. You eventually get it.

If that doesn't work, take the song's tempo completely out of context. Slow it way down and sing with the chords and slowly speed up until you can do it.

Singing scale notes while playing a scale helps, too.
It just comes. It just came for me when I was playing for about 8 months, and I didn't practice it at all. So just keep on playing and it'll appear one day.
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Just start with easier songs and work your way up.

I can't even sing and play a green day song at the same time, and thats mainly power chords... I guess i have to practice the easy songs too at first....
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Try saying sentences over and over while you play. something slightly difficult. Don't dumb it down for yourself. You do yourself no justice.
Try playing something pretty technical and sign a song like "Marry had a little lamb" over and over. Haha.
Alexi Laiho has an interesting method that I've tweaked a little, and it has worked for me on occasion. Start by mouthing the lines and then whispering them, and slowly build volume until you are singing (or in some cases for me screaming or growling) the song
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Do what I said, just play the open chords... and work your way up.

I think I started with Waiting by Green Day...
This is the way my teacher taught me to do it:
Play whatever song you wanna sing/talk over and play it over and over and over again until you can play it without even thinking about it, you need to play it so many times that you're sick of it. (note- probably not healthy to do this all in one sitting, spread it out over a few days.) Then start saying things that you dont have to think about, like just start listing off items in your room. Then gradually move to stuff that requires a little more thought and memory, like what you ate for breakfast, or the names of the kids who sit around you in your Math Class, etc. Then you can move to singing pretty easily... worked for me.
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I have the same problem I've been learning to play for about four and a half months but I've been learning to play and sing with songs like "wild thing" and "you really got me now", try those songs there pretty easy and every time I practice with those two songs it gets easier for me to sing and play.
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start with something like good riddance by green day. simple chord changes, simple strum pattern and you probably know some of the words already (even if you dont like the song). basicly go through what Van said, learn the guitar like the back of your hand. not a tough song, so shouldnt take too long. then start trying to speak along while playing. try to put emphasis on the syllables that are downbeats, basicly speak in rhythm. it helps to repeat parts over and over till you get it working. that could be just doing the first verse over and over as you work on it, the first set of chord changes, or even just one line over one chord.

then the important thing: if you get frustrated take a break. dont force yourself. push yourself a bit yes, force things no. as you work on it you will slowly find yourself being able to sing a little bit at a time. you might lose yourself after a couple lines and have to start over, but then you just start over and try to do better the next time.

so basicly you want to have the guitar part down pat, then work your way into singing over it slowly. it wont click right away, but when it does you can usually move on to other songs with less of a problem.
Start learning songs by ear. Ever since I started that, I had to start singing to remember where certain fills were. Just keep practicing, as it'll eventually come.

Or listen to any of the other suggestions posted. Though, I've tried most of those, and I just started jamming with myself and I can sing a lot of Beatles and what not, and some of Hendrix now.
Start with simple songs and riffs and work your way up. Works for me and I've been the guitarist/lead vocalist in every band I've been in.

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i had to learn to play bass and sing back up and on at least one song, the main chorus. what i did was play in the dark,to learn to play with out looking, and i would stand in front of a mirror and play and sing. you will sound like a spaz at first but you will get better.
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Eventually it just has to get to the point that playing your guitar uses a seperate part of your brain than talking and singing.
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Like one of you said, I can mouth or whisper a song while playing, but not sing aloud.

I want to be a lead guitarist and lead vocalist, I know it takes time.

I'd rather be a lead guitarist than no guitar at all, I love guitar.
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just talk in rhythm with your playing. it will sound stupid. but i guess technically that would be singing. some songs i can sing while playing, but talking is a little harder. sometimes im able to like "push" the guitar playing thing into the back of my mind so i can talk, and its like im playing subconsciously (sp.?). wierd sometimes

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Like none of you said, I can mouth or whisper a song while playing, but not sing aloud.

I want to be a lead guitarist and lead vocalist, I know it takes time.

I'd rather be a lead guitarist than no guitar at all, I love guitar.

Most vocalists play rhythm and either have a seperate guitarist for lead, or play the lead parts without singing.

Why don't you strive to be an all around player instead of limiting yourself to just lead and to just vocals? Learn to play rhythm, learn to play lead, learn to sing. Learn Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Fusion, Classical, Neoclassical, Acoustic, Metal. If you can learn to play more than one style, more than one genre, you'll be a far better guitarist and have more options with bands.
i think it's more about internalizing the guitar rhythm. once you've done that you should be able to play it without thinking and then just focus on singing and talking. the first song i ever learned to sing and play was all apologies by nirvana. and it didn't take too long (under a month). one thing that helped me was to put an earbud in and listen to the record with one ear while listening to myself with the other. singing to the record has always helped me a lot. but the main thing, for me at least, is practicing the rhythm to where i just feel it. where i don't have to tap my foot or think about it at all. then i figure out how the vocals lay over that and just work on the vocals.
FallDownStairs, you have great words of wisdom.

I can play rhythem, but it just feels too easy. I like playing leads a whole lot better, along with solos.

I can play Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Classical, and Country...
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i'm very interested in learning to do this. couldn't even play the bassline to living after midnight and sing the chorus not too long ago but now i can play tornado of souls on guitar and whisper/mouth the words...we'll see how singing it goes. my suggestion is to really get the song down, know the lyrics and guitar parts like the back of your hand and then put them together. and stick with songs that have a lead singer playing guitar. i'm going to try lots of hetfield and mustaine stuff personally because i know so many songs between them. they have a technique to doing it so i gotta figure that out.