I'm stuck on this, UG. I just got paid today and recently been looking into getting a new MP3 player since both of my really old ones just died. I found some really good ones for pretty cheap but here's my problem: For as much as I used my other two I probably wouldn't be using this one much more. I just like having a device that I can carry my tunes with me whenever I'm away from home. Anyways I need to save for college books next semester and I know that my pay isn't going to be as good as it has been and I'm stuck on whether to get the MP3 player or not. I really want one but I know I should refrain from getting one. What would you do? I kinda need some other advice here. Save and then get it later when there will probably be another breakthrough mp3 player that's just awesome and really cheap or get the one I want now and save my money later. I know it's kinda obvious what to do, but what would you do. Thanks UG, you guys have always helped me in my times of need.

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Depends how much space you need, you can get semi-decent 1-2 GB MP3 players for $40 or you can spend $500 on a really fancy one with 120 GB memory.
..if u had to give up your life for freedom. on topic you should c if you can download some of your textbooks for next semester to save u some dosh and give you much more freedom in buying a mp3 player to suit your needs.
Go the cheap, decent route and get a Sansa Fuze. You can get the lowest memory model for the cheapest price and then slap in MicroSD cards to expand it to your heart's desire.
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