what are the easier movements in these suites? i'd like to start playing some...
First and third suites are easiest, technically. Take your pick of dance movements from the two.
The first suite is the only suite thought composed specifically for lute, the 3rd composed for 'cello, 4th composed for solo violin (and appears in yet another setting, I forget what) - the second suite has interesting origins that I'd have to remind myself about before comment, it's fugue is particularly challenging.
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thanks alot, when you say dance movements you mean like gigues right?

Suites included gavottes, gigues, sarabandes, allemandes, bourees etc, they're all dances, with (often) different national origins. Preludes and fuges are the included movements that don't have a strict dance connection, the prelude being a sort of musical warm up for listeners and musicians, it was a baroque practice to sometimes add a fugue, often coupled with the prelude.
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