Hey guys I've been thinking about a new amp to upgrade to and wonder if you guys can help me. As of now I really don't have money and I may not be getting an amp for a long while so this is purely speculative. For a while I was sure I was a Mesa fan boy and was sure I would get one but I want to be open and really decide what's best for me. I'm looking for an all tube amp, it's got to be very organic and natural sounding and must be very touch sensitive and respond to subtleties and dynamics well. It must also be very versatile as I enjoy many styles. Some of my favorite bands are progressive types bands like everything from Opeth or Mastodon to Cynic to Protest the Hero and Between the Buried and Me. I've been getting into jazz lately a lot as well. I like to have a very thick organic sounding crunch and I like to push the mids a lot. Some amps I've thought about are maybe some kind of Marshall, a Mesa Mk V, Vht/Fryette deliverance. Anyways I was wondering if you guys have any good suggestions. Also as a final note I'm am kind of a tone snob and like to listen to all the vintage, and high end boutique stuff and I like pedals too but I don't have many at the moment. Sorry that was a terribly written paragraph but it's a forum and I don't care to spend time and effort on this at the moment.

EDIT: whatever you guys suggest is only that a suggestion and I will test everything in person if possible and let my ears make the final decision
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can you go used?
what else do you need?
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Go to guitar center or whatever your local store is with ur guitar and just try all the amps in your price range out....never buy an amp just because its a "marshall" or a "mesa" or a "fender" everyone has different ears....we can tell you to buy certain amps all day but until you hear that special tone you want to hear with your ears your not gonna be satisfied....cause not all amps of a certain model are exactly the same...some technition at mesa could be tired as hell from a long night of drinkin and put **** together wrong and now you got a 2000 dollar line 6 spider head hahaha
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Personally, I like the sound of Randall amplifiers. I can get pretty much any sound with a bit of tweaking here and there. I play everything from Children of Bodom to some country and this amp takes it brilliantly
I recommend the fender supersonic. i can get pretty much any sound out of it i could possibly want. and its all tube
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i like the mesa boogie 5:50 watt i have now. its all tube, and lets be honest amps play best when they're about 75% of the way up on volume. with the 5 watt/ 50 watt setting you can play small places or bigger places by switching and not lose your quality tone. but i agree with rdobson, test them all out first, i just think mesa 5:50 works best for me now.
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Orange Tiny Terrors are really nice too, and for your cab get a orange 4x12 they sound great and they look awesome.

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I realize that I have to hear everything before making a decision and I also realize that brand name is irrelevant. Yeas I go to Guitar Center sometimes but they are more focused towards beginners and people who have no idea what they are looking for, consequently they do not have the widest variety of equipment there. Basically the point of this thread is only for recommendations so that I can figure out what amps to try out and consider and what to compare them to
I've never tried an Engl in person but from clips i've listened to they sound a little sterile for me.
Theirs got 2 b other shops around u though man.theirs this place here called vintage city that just sells used stuff and they have ll kinds of crazy stuff man cheap as hell too...crate blue voodoo half stack 350 bucls hahaha...

try to find some places like that man...don't jump at something in a magazine...at least that's my opinion...I found my amp in a used shop in pennsylvania while I was visting my grandma....it was everything I ever wanted...your patience will pay off
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Check out randy dobsons underground ,tell me what you think