Where do you guys get the inspiration or ideas to write songs and riffs along the lines of knockin on heavens door the unforgiven

And riffs clean and acoustic ones like fade to black and any song by rhcp

Have this great sound tryin to write one like it but it's hard
I just listen to songs I like and it inspires me.
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Haha ya...that post really made no sense...just wanted to see *** people would say...***evr probly shoulda been more specific
all my musical inspiration comes usually around 10-11 at night, just as im going to bed. Ill think of a cool riff, chord progression or lyric and have to get up, flick the lights on and mess around with it. usually for riffs though its just constant messing around with the guitar while doing other things(televison, computer ect). Im kinda going on here... anyway, hope that helped
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