I was looking into getting a new amp to upgrade from my old microcube and was looking at solid state amps (don't want to get into tubes right now). I've been looking at the Vyper 75 watt and the Vox ADVT 30 but I can't decide on which to get.
I've been looking at reviews and each has things I want that the other doesn't.

-lots of wattage, could be useful for jamming
-has more options then the vox (EQ, effects, amp models, usb, looper)

-less models and options but what sound it does have is very good because of the tube
- cheaper might be able to find it used.

Those are the 2 main amps I've been looking at, don't really want to go above 300.
If you guys know of any other options please fill me in
i own a vt 50xl and the vyper 30 and I find the vyper is beter for distortion, and the vox is better all around
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I'd save up a bit more and get a budget tube amp, you'll get a much better sound from it. Knowing what styles you play would be useful for recommendations.


There's actually a 60 watt vypyr with a power tube section that you may want to look into, the clips I've heard actually sound pretty solid. I would try both of them out and see which one is more your thing
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I play a lot of different things so thats why I want get an ss amp, they have a lot of different sounds for everything and all the effects right there. If I had to pick I guess it would be more towards distorted things like classic rock and 80's rock/metal. I don't think I can save up because this will be a gift for my birthday and I don't want it to get too expensive, going up to 300 makes me feel a little guilty already.