Heres a few new tracks I've recorded recently. A few of the tracks are rough still, so forgive me for poor quality. Bass parts still need to be recorded for a few songs. No lyrics yet, just music. Let me know what you think and thanks for listening. Any ideas would be helpful!


Sidewalk Chalk:


Sidewalk chalk is very cool, sounds like the red hot chili peppers kinda. At first I didnt really like the backmasking at the start of it but on the second listen i liked how it worked. I really liked 2:30 to the end in Peach, as well as the main riff at the start. I liked the chords around 1:36 in Stratosphere; however the rest of the song didn't really sound as good as all the other songs, the "erie" sounding guitar was kind of annoying and the tapping at the end didnt really fit the song in my opinion. Good job overall though!
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thanks for the comments!

ive heard mixed reviews about the tone in stratosphere so I'm not surprised to hear that you didnt like it that much. as for the ending... i was incredibly frustrated at the end of that recording, so a random 80s style tapping solo was a release haha.

thanks for listening