I will have to admit, I dont know if most of the tab requests I am seeing in here are METAL bands, but from the band names I am seeing like: August Burns Red, Behemoth, Firewind, and Orius: these all just sound very metal. (And upon further research on Last.fm I confirmed that these were metal bands). My question is, are metal band songs particularly difficult to learn to play (which may account for their frequency having tab requests) or is it that more people wanna learn to play metal songs or are there not a lot of people tabbing these metal songs?
metal is in general more challenging then most other music with the exception of blues/jazz and classical

also a large portion of UG'ers are metal heads to some extent, though not exclusively into metal
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this is a guitar website... the majority of metalheads generally tend to be musicians as well, what do you expect?
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not to mention, metal guitar is generally more technical (at least one part usually). This causes metal genre to be more consistantly challanging than other genres (rock and a lot of punk are generally 4 chords rythem and a basic lead parts which can get boring or picked up rather easily).

I think alot of the tabs requested are metal because this is what people are having trouble with learning.
A good chunk of the obscure bands which don't have tabs on this site are also metal.
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