well yeah i've just found the whole guitar pro thing and well i don't have the money and i was wondering is there a freeware version or something to save me from spending some money if not its kool. also i need to know what exactly is shredding? i'm under the impression that its just really fast playing (obviously) but is it scales or something? any info would help :
well, 95% of have Guitar Pro illegally but that is highly frowned upon outside the torrenting thread
if you want something legal check out Tux Guitar

and yes, shredding is just playing fast
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torrents? ok thats kool well i tried tux guitar and i couldn't get it going it said i was missing some program so i gave up.
Secondeded for Tux Guitar! (though it's a little finicky. but hey, free is free.)

And shredding is a pretty liberal term- it can mean fast playing, technical playing, intricate playing or any combination (fast playin gisn't always difficult, nor is technical playing always very fast, etc).
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check your pms

yeah i don't know what pms are explain. ok that explains shredding. i can do pinch harmonics well but i notice that my friends come out more sharper and i've tried and i can't seem to make the sharp sound any ideas?