What year of music do you own most? If you have WMP, just go to year on the side bar, and proceed to check. For me, it goes:

1988 (thanks to Crossroads) >2009>2008>1969_1966>1967
2002>2005>2006>2003>2009>1999>Anything pre-1980 (combined)>all the rest

2002 was a good year for progressive rock.
I have the most of 1972 - 1978, I'm not sure which year is the absolute most, but that is what my record collection and most of my mp3s are
2009-Hendrix times lol

>_> mostly metal though
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2005, which is somewhat surprising to me since I can only recall off the top of my head 2 albums that came out in '05
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I don't know exactly, but from what I glanced over in iTunes, it's pretty close between 2009, and 1994.

Decade-wise would be easier to count.

So, for decade, its the 2000's.
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I have no idea. My list just goes from 2019-1965

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Music things

PRS SE Custom 24
Epiphone G400
Vox AC15C1
2008, it's harder to tell with the WMP on windows 7
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dunno probably 1992 with metallica all the grunge stuff the florida death metal dream theater etc but it could be 2001 with tool and a lot of other stuff Opeth etc