...Well, not exactly, but I'm not very acoustic-savvy and I was looking for a nice acoustic that I could use for playing things in the style of Don Ross, Andy McKee, Justin King and other similar players. I'd really like to make acoustic guitar my main thing but I could really use a new one. I'm open to any brand, just dont mind posting about guitars over 1000 dollars. Thanks.
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You'll probably want a pretty wide neck for that sort of playing. Go for a Seagull.
i have a seagull and love the wide neck. it's not the thinnest acoustic neck i've ever seen, but i think it's really comfortable. and it's the best sounding acoustic i've ever played. love it.

others might be martin or taylor, but i wouldn't completely rule out any brands. you should mainly be looking at the neck shape, as the person above me said. and most likely a dreadnought body style, but you might find a concert or jumbo more comfortable.
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More questions: What's the difference between a concert and a dreadnought? Why does the neck shape matter aside from comfort?
Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.
The dread will probably be much bassier, assuming the woods and the bracing pattern in the two models are the same. It will also be louder.

And a wide neck will give you more space for your fingers, which would be vital for the style you plan on playing. As for v-profile vs. c-profile vs. u-profile, it's all a matter of preference.